We first got to know Henry when MXE began doing maintenance work for one of our Medical products companies, back in 2005. Henry showed up at our door one day, to inspect a damaged procedure chair, and we were impressed by his professionalism and great smile. Because he did such good work, Henry became more involved in working with our equipment, and , in addition, we put him in touch with 3-4 of our other companies, simply because of his “can do” attitude. As time passed, Susan and I became personal friends with Henry, which included dinners, as well as beers, laughs, and sunsets every now and then, on his outdoor deck overlooking the Pacific. Most recently, we were supposed to get together in late October to catch up on things, and I still have Henry’s voice message, asking if we could change the date because he wanted to spend time with Jim, who was coming in that weekend. Since that time, we have written Henry’s name in the St Michaels Church Book of Intentions. We will also continue to do so.
We will miss you Henry. You were truly a great guy and good friend, and our thoughts and prayers will always be with you! Jack and Susan Redman

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  1. Cliff Card

    So sorry- I have not spoken with him lately
    What a champion

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